Tuesday, 22 September 2009

spritely spring markets

Ahh... the Little Market swings around again and we're still excited about it, even after almost three years! And I've been thinking that while we do recognise that we are in the midst of a craft revolution and there are lots of happenings with crafting going on that just weren't before, I am still suprised that more people have not set up there own little markets. You know, markets that aren't about having to get up super early and make loads of cash and sell sell sell. Markets that can fit into a tiny space that's fortuitously available in the local area, that are about connecting with people and having a great night out and that create that 'otherness' I reckon we need way more of in our everyday - the dreaming of it into being. Anyhow - I reckon the Little Market is a lovely bit of otherness in the everyday, a celebration of crafting and creating and connecting and a few other nice things too... Hope to see you there x Rowena