Wednesday, 19 November 2008

christmas markets

christmas markets seem to be a special thing. i don't know if people are just getting excited about the season, the opportunity to share with friends and family or something else, but they have a vibe of their very own. there are just two markets left for the year - friday november 28 and friday december 19 - and both promise to offer a full-house of stallholders and newly crafted wares. in any case, whether you are into celebrating christmas with ethically and locally handcrafted products or otherwise, it's a great way to end the year. a finale of sorts. it marks two years since we first established the little market at avid reader, and since then we have had almost twenty market evenings, all different and all wonderful in their own way. we would like to think that we have inspired crafters to get out of the living room, and shoppers to explore and buy locally made products. we hope you have enjoyed them if you've been coming along. and we also hope that if you would like to see more community projects like this, that you take the step towards being part of creating one in your own local area. happy crafting, and best wishes to you all for a great send off to the year.