Wednesday, 17 February 2010

well it could be a bit belated for well wishes for the new year, but really we're just in time for the beginning of the year of the tiger. perhaps we'll all be especially crafty this year - who knows? i hope so... we've got lots of regular stallholders and some new faces too for our first market of the year which will be on friday february 26 from 5.30-8pm out the back of the avid reader bookstore.

the little market at avid is back again for 2010, into our fourth year (which we're quite excited about!). and it looks as if perhaps this will be the year that the little market finally blooms with the whisper of markets inspired into being in new locations. but we'll keep you well posted on this front.

if you're not already on our mailing list and you'd like to keep updated send us an email at we're also on facebook as Lovely Thing Makers if you'd like to befriend us or join our Little Market at Avid group.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

full steam festivities

well it's hot and steamy and us crafters have been crafting away in front of the fan and late into the cool of the night. our last little market for 2009 is nearly upon us and promises to be as lovely as our christmas markets always are - we have a few new stallholders joining us with their wares - liz izquerido with her ceramics, judy collins-haynes with the skirts she is making with a collective of migrant women, and angie andrews with her jewelry - and many returning regulars with everything from re-fashioned clothing, funky toys, functional homewares and other assorted oddments. there will be something for (just about) everyone at the markets, as well as a great opportunity for all of us to be transforming our consumer habits into ones that are much more sustainable - for people and the planet. see you friday evening from 5-8pm~

Monday, 30 November 2009

it's getting festive at the little market...

Join us for the second last Little Market for 2009. There will be some new stallholders and some old with fabulous handmade trinkets and treasures for Christmas season gifts including felted creations, recycled, upcycled clothing, toys and homewares, organic skincare, jewelry, kids clothes and toys and hopefully a few suprises too. Drop into the Little Market this coming Friday evening, bring your friends, enjoy a glass of wine and get all your ethically produced handmade gifts - at one place!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

spritely spring markets

Ahh... the Little Market swings around again and we're still excited about it, even after almost three years! And I've been thinking that while we do recognise that we are in the midst of a craft revolution and there are lots of happenings with crafting going on that just weren't before, I am still suprised that more people have not set up there own little markets. You know, markets that aren't about having to get up super early and make loads of cash and sell sell sell. Markets that can fit into a tiny space that's fortuitously available in the local area, that are about connecting with people and having a great night out and that create that 'otherness' I reckon we need way more of in our everyday - the dreaming of it into being. Anyhow - I reckon the Little Market is a lovely bit of otherness in the everyday, a celebration of crafting and creating and connecting and a few other nice things too... Hope to see you there x Rowena

Saturday, 15 August 2009

August Little Market

I looks like we are in the thick of the hand made revolution! And it doesn't look like stopping any time soon, or ever! As convenor of The little Market at Avid Reader I am lucky enough to regularly meet new makers and have a look at their wares. It is a great pleasure welcome those makers and their new and shared ideas to the Little Market family.
One of these new makers this year is Penny Bristol-Jones whose knitted toys feature on this months poster. Her infectious and effortless positivity show through in the personalities she gives her creations.
I hope to see you down at Avid Reader book shop on August 21 or any last Friday leading up to the silly season.

Michael Swifte

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Little Marketeers

At our last little market we asked each of the talented stallholders to fill out a short questionnare about what they make and what inspires them. We'll endevour to update this with each new (or old) stallholder so stay tuned.
Penny Bristol-Jones - Noonoo and Friends
What's the first thing you remember making? (How old were you?)
Mud pies - 3
What do you make now?
Knitted toys, drawings, paintings
What's the favourite item you've made?
A long legged doll
Who'what inspires you?
Any women who have 'made it'
Angela Keele
What’s the first thing you remember making? (How old were you?)
Crotchet squares, 6 yrs old
What do you make now?
Felted hats, bags and more, beaded jewellery
What’s the favourite item you’ve made?
Al capone Hat
What’s your day job?
Credit Control Officer

Alexandra Westaway - Luna Bloom
What’s the first thing you remember making? (How old were you?)
Wonder woman outfit for my barbie! Age 7
What do you make now?
Natural body products, crystal window charms, astology charts
What’s the favourite item you’ve made?
Crystal dreamcatcher with malachite, lapis lazuli and silver feathers
Who/what inspires you?
My five year old daughter inspires me to see the beauty in the world and create with passion.

Karen Molloy - Kidden Thiele
What’s the first thing you remember making? (How old were you?)
From about five years old I was making clothes for my Barbie with scraps of fabric from Mum’s sewing room.
What do you make now?
Anything that pops into my head, tote bags, adult clothes, children’s clothes, jewellery and homewares.
What’s the favourite item you’ve made?
Anchor bag, denim with red and white applique
Who/what inspires you?
I’m about to become an Aunty, so I am inspired to make children’s clothes. I have been pulling out the old Enid Bilchrist pattern books in preparation.

Lynne Eisentrager - Twisted
What’s the first thing you remember making? (How old were you?)
Wrote a song using my toy piano - 8
What do you make now?
Jewellery using silver wire and beads.
What’s the favourite item you’ve made?
Choker with handmade silver wire beads, glass beads and jade ships
Favourite quote or song lyric: “If only they used their powers for niceness, instead of evil” Maxwell Smart

Mandy Heritage
What’s the first thing you remember making? (How old were you?)
Bead necklace - 21
What do you make now?
Necklaces, bracelets etc
What’s the favourite item you’ve made?
A goldstone and azurite necklace
Who/what inspires you? Dalai Lama

Loni Mills - Lonstar
What’s the first thing you remember making? (How old were you?)
Around 6-7 I drew my teacher for a school paper. I included all her wrinkles (sorry Mrs Vaughn) What do you make now?
I paint, draw from life. I make books and cards.
What’s the favourite item you’ve made?
A wierd card
Favourite quote or song lyric:
Touch me with your naked hand
Touch me with your glove
And dance me to the end of Love – Leonard Cohen

Amanda Makepeace - MANDY-MOO
What’s the first thing you remember making? (How old were you?)
Mud-paint from dirt in the garden
What do you make now?
What’s the favourite item you’ve made?
“You mooove me” sexy cow
Favourite quote or song lyric: Cows with guns

Rebecca Lewis - Little Brown Dog
What’s the first thing you remember making? (How old were you?)
A flamingo marionette from a pink sock, a tennis ball and I think the beak was from one of those plastic puppets you used to get at Pizza Hut with the kids meal deals. I must have been about 7 or 8 and I remember taking it to school for show and tell.
What do you make now?
All sorts, it really depends on what I feel like making when I wake up be it clothes, toys, cushion covers, slippers, whatever I find fits the fabric.
What’s the favourite item you’ve made?
It’s usually the last thing I made so my current favourite is a wrap skirt made from old woolen blankets with pockets in the shape of owls.
Favourite quote or song lyric: ‘it was as if the moon rising had said a single silver word: Peace’ Ray Bradbury

Rowena Shakes - Lillipilli
What’s the first thing you remember making? (How old were you?)
It was definitely cooking for me when I was younger - I didn't really get into other crafting til I was older and started making gifts for close friends...
What do you make now?
I make an odd assortment of things, mostly from fabric: organic wheat heat packs, kids pants and aprons, Steiner style felt toys, a bit of knitting if the urge takes me, recycled notebooks, quilts and some clothes from time to time, brooches and other oddments too...
What’s the favourite item you’ve made?
Most definitely the two quilts I've made for my daughter - one completely from recycled, vintage and found fabrics and the other from a blend of new and recycled. I tend to give away the things I make and love the most - sending them out into the world...
Who/what inspires you?
Well, not so surprisingly I’m incredibly inspired by crafting. Within our current society I see it very much as an act of social rebellion to reclaim our ability and interest in making what we need and use, a most important ingredient in the re-creating of the ecologically and socially sustainable world I want to be part of and part of bringing into being.